Roll of Honor

Joseph A. Mascali

Joseph A. Mascali

  • Lieutenant
  • Fire Department City of New York
  • New York
  • Age: 44
  • Year of Death: 2001

Joseph A. Mascali‚ 44‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Rescue 5. Mascali worked in construction for years before joining the FDNY in 1987. He was assigned to Ladder 122 for 10 years‚ where he and his fellow firefighters earned a unit citation for saving civilians from a building collapse. Mascali later joined the elite Rescue 5 unit and became a certified EMT First Responder and confined space and high-angle rope rescuer. He was a family man who took tremendous joy in traveling with his family.

Joe is a hero because of his sincerity‚ his caring‚ his love‚ his generosity‚ and his courage–because of the simplicity of his day-to-day unconditional love for his wife and children‚ family and friends.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Joey was my first cousin… He was named in honor of his father’s father (as was I, for that same grandfather). I always knew Joey to be very capable & hard working. He was “raised well,” – parented by my Aunt & Uncle to be kind & considerate & helpful ! It does not surprise me in the least, having known him since childhood, that he would one day become immortalized as the true hero he was. We are just all so sad to have lost him so senselessly & abruptly & violently. There was such a loss to the world & true waste of life that day. We remember Joseph Mascali fondly, miss him dearly & will forever love him immensely !!!

    Edward Joseph Mascali
  2. Although i never met Mr Mascali and he is related to me through marrage i will always honor his passing by standing on the bridge holding my flag every year on 9-11 never to forget or let Americans forget the brave men and woman lost Thank You Joe Mascali and family with my deepest love always

    – Kevin Duncan
  3. Joey was my brother. He was 14 months older. He was my first friend.I followed my brother everywhere. We went to grammar school together, high school together and finally St John University. He was my best man and I was his. I maned my oldest boy Joseph and Joey is his Godfather. I loved my brother as much as I have ever loved anything. I miss him and will love him forever. He was killed that day along with Louie and Carl and the rest of Rescue 5. Knowing he was with friends makes a difference. I will never get over this,I’m just trying to learn to live with it

    – Johnny Mascali
  4. Joe was a hero I did not know him but he was trying to rescue other people trapped in the towers. My brother Stephen was one of those trapped individuals that never got out that day. One of Joe’s friends from Brooklyn has been telling me about him for the last fifteen years so better late than never Thank You for your efforts and I pray for your family!

    – Jim Hoffman
  5. I remember Joey from the times he came up to our motel, Four Seasons/Blue Fountain, in Lake George NY, during the summers. He cane up with the Lapera’s, and Johnny Dee. We would water ski and have a great time. He was always polute and friendly, just a great guy. I still remember him flying out of the boat, after an afternoon of partying at one of the islands. We hit a wave, and out he flew. We turn the boat around and there ge is waving and with a great big smile, yelling, ‘lets do that again’. He us an American Hero, who died trying to save ithers during 911. RIP Joey.

    – Robert Iannaco
  6. Today Sept. 10, 2016, I climbed at Lambeau field in honor of Joseph Mascali. Thank you Joseph. I send his family and friends much love and prayers on this 15 year anniversary. I will wear his badge for the rest of the day and all day tomorrow so the people of Green Bay can remember him. After that I will keep it in sight to always remember throughout the year until next year when I request to climb in memory of him again.

    – Wendy Nejedlo
  7. I had the honor and privilege to climb in New Orleans stair climb this past Saturday. It was an honor to carry your name around my neck and I did it so proudly!! May God bless you and your family !
    We will never forget .??????

    – Joseph Sapia
  8. RIP Joey. We will never forget. Thank you for your service

    – John J. Accardo
  9. RIP Joey. We will NEVER forget

    – John J. Accardo
  10. Hi I’m back to visit you. Joseph the only way I know how your always on my mind and always will be Angels are forever, and all those who left with you have my deepest love for God’s love those who do for his. Children Peace Be With You

    – Kevin Duncan
  11. Dear Joey,
    This is your big sister. Joey I love you with all my heart. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. You were always the one to watch over everyone andmI know you still are. I love you forever! Donna

    – Donna
  12. 09/11/2018

    Today, Joey finished his climb up and down 110 stories in Kalamazoo, MI.

    You have not been forgotten. Rest In Peace, brother

    – Ryan
  13. Today, September 22, 2018, I climbed the steps at Lambeau Field, wearing Joseph Mascali’s badge in honor of his sacrifice. I am a 68-year-old grandmother who felt honored to participate in this very special event. I will keep Joseph’s badge and will say prayers for him and for his family. May God bless Joseph and his family.

    – Kathy Siedschlag
  14. I’m doing the 9-11 Memorial Tower challenge. I will be wearing a badge with Joseph Mascali’s name and photo. I wanted to learn a little more about him. I came to this page and have learned a lot about Joseph and the people who loved him. I will wear his badge with honor and I’ll be thinking of him as I climb those stairs. What a great man and what a great sacrifice. I will not forget. Rest in Peace Joseph.

    – Josh
  15. Today was a memorial dedicated to the fallen of the 9/11 attack on our country… my team of 3 SDPD officers and 2 nurses, along with hundreds of other dedicated patrons climbed 110 flights of stairs dedicated to the #fdny #firstresponders and those who gave their lives during the #911terroristattack… I proudly represented #josephmascali in my efforts today… #neverforget
    San Diego, California

    – Jennifer Popich
  16. On Saturday September 7th, 2019… I participated in the 9/11 Fallen Hero Tribute 10K in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Joseph A. Mascali was one of the Fallen Hero’s I got to run for. What a humbling experience. I am honored that I had the chance to do this for him.

    – Angie Mago
  17. Today I volunteered in Joseph Mascali honor so his bravery is not forgotten.

    – Victoria Correa
  18. Today is 9/11/2019. I participated in Carry The Load event at the National Cemetery in Culpeper, VA. We picked tribute bracelets of our fallen heroes and I happen to pick up Joseph’s. I wear Joseph’s bracelet in honor of him. I’ll never forget. God Bless you Joseph and your family.

    – Jason Pfaff
  19. To Lori, Katelyn, Donna and Johnny,
    On this the 19th year anniversary of the bombing of the World Trade Center, know that Joe and all the firefighter’s who perished that day, will never be forgotten.

  20. Still and always remembered ❤️

    – Teresa Mascali
  21. Joey is my brother…There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. He was so much to so many people. How lucky am I to be his sister. I always knew that. Growing up Joey was always there for me. He was my protector! I still believe he is. I will never get over what happened that horrific day, I just learn to live with it. Joey was and always will be my hero, now I have to share that with the rest of the world. RIP my beautiful Brother. You are and always will be forever in my heart! I love you!

    – Cathy Sprenger