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Roll of Honor

Age: 38
Year of Death: 2007

Kelly L. Page

Submitted by his Wife

Kelly Page loved three things; his family‚ friends‚ and the fire department. After a 13 year career in the Navy‚ Kelly joined the Lowell Fire Department in March of 2002. Although only a firefighter for a short time‚ he had achieved a life long dream.

Kelly loved his wife Katie and three young daughters Kyleigh‚ Kaelin‚ and Keara. He was a great supporter of all their endeavors. In addition‚ he coached all their sports. Most importantly were basketball and softball. He was a role model to many youth. Even though he had no sons‚ he found the time to coach in the Lowell Junior High Football program. Fitness was something he believed in strongly. This was witness by his part time job at Powerhouse Gym.

After joining the department‚ Kelly was honored with the recognition of Firefighter of the Year 2003 for the attempted rescue of trapped victim‚ along with other firefighters. In addition he was awarded Massachusetts Medal of Valor 2003 for that same rescue. Kelly was posthumously awarded the Lowell Firefighter of the Year 2007.

Kelly was originally from Dalton‚ GA‚ but eventually moved to MA in 1998 to raise his family. He was a big‚ strong guy with a gentle demeanor. He was a friend to all‚ and knew everyone. Kelly genuining loved children and was a fixture around the school where his wife Katie taught.

Kelly is survived by his wife Katie‚ daughters Kyleigh‚ Kaelin and Keara.

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  1. Kelly was a true example of what a person should be, a dedicated father and doting husband. He held a close bond with both his parents and his siblings. I was his youngest sister. I loved and idolized my larger-than-life, heroic brother, not only for his bravery and his service, but most of all for his strength of self and the love he had in his heart. I will always follow his example in the this sometimes harsh, cruel world and spread smiles, love, and laughter, hoping its contagious nature will start catching and spread into the hearts of others. I love you Kihkih baby sis misses u

    – kimberly page
  2. I was in the United States Navy with Kelly. I specifically was in his “Locker”. A firefighting hub of the ship. Many yrs later I learn of my friends passing. Kelly is, was and always will be, that badass, smartest and effective firefighter I think I will ever know. And to say he was an even better man, friend and shipmate would be an understatement. Its not at all shocking to see that his attention to detail, his dedication to the job all were highlighted and he received awards as such. I sure hope his children knew or were told how precious their daddy is and was…. Ya’ll are probably grown…. but I am humbled to have served my country along side this beautiful human! Until Valhalla shipmate.

    – Ray Polen