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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 33
Year of Death: 2022

Kelsey R. Sadler

Kelsey R. Sadler (Norman) was born July 28, 1988. She was one of the most vibrant people you could ever meet. In her 33 short years, she experienced more than most do in a lifetime. She loved life and lived it like she meant it. Her hugs were so powerful you could feel her intense and supportive love. She was unapologetically and authentically herself in a way that allowed you to do the same. The room always shined brighter when she was around.

In 2015, Kelsey met her husband, Brandon. Their relationship was beautiful and filled with so much love and laughter. They complemented each other in ways you read about in love stories. Brandon and Mila were a package deal, and Kelsey took on her role as a stepmom effortlessly. Her bond with Mila was truly magical.

Kelsey cherished her family. Family also included a core group of best friends from different aspects of her life. We’ll never forget her contagious laughter, sarcasm, speaking her mind, love for leopard print, taking naps, meaningful tattoos, wearing hoodies, looking beautiful everywhere she went, and disappearing at the end of a party so she never had to say goodbye. The beach was always a magical place for her. Jamaica was one of her favorite vacation destinations, and this is where Brandon proposed. Kelsey loved the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing with her dad and uncles, camping, concerts, hiking, and snowboarding. Every year she went to Wisp Mountain for their annual “board meeting.” It was there she spent time laughing, playing games, hitting the slopes, and taking selfies.

Kelsey began her career with the Baltimore City Fire Department in November 2006. She transferred to 14 Engine, where she served from February 2010 until January 24, 2022. It was on that tragic morning that she and two colleagues were killed in a house collapse while battling a fire with reports of people trapped. Kelsey was the real deal—fearless, brave, and humble. Her reputation preceded her, as she was truly a badass. She was dedicated to her work family and loved her shift. Kelsey was the first and only woman to be a first acting lieutenant in the 134-year history of 14 Engine. She was posthumously promoted to the rank of fire lieutenant.

Kelsey’s beautiful and loving spirit led her on a journey that touched so many lives. We will continue her legacy and carry her with us forever until we meet again. As our eyes adjust from her bright light burning out, she would encourage us to spend time with the people that matter, take all the pictures, don’t apologize for being yourself, and love so big with all your heart.

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  1. One of the bravest women I’ve ever known. You are truly missed by everyone. Please continue to watch over your family. They miss and love you dearly. Rest in peace

    – Krista Reed
  2. You will never be forgotten Kelsey. You are loved and missed by so many.

    – Lauren
  3. Kelsey, you are so greatly missed, your infectious smile and beautiful smile will never be forgotten. Lacey misses you dearly as does the rest of the family. We will be here for Lacey for many years to come until your reunited on that snowboard slope.

    – Ray Gill
  4. Best cousin ever. We will miss you always Kelsey

    – Casey Skinner
  5. Tears of joy, tears of laughter and tears of sorrow. You may have slipped the surly bonds of this earth but your work is not done. Please help protect your family and loved ones with a guiding hand. We will never understand why you left us, but it is comforting to know we will meet again someday. Until then….14 STRONG.

    – Ron Woynovitz
  6. I will always think of you when I watch the movie ELF. I remember you being my date so I could go see it in the theater.

    – Katina Salisbury
  7. The daughter of a dear friend. Never stop fighting for the demolition of vacant Baltimore City row homes. Did you hear me mayor in the back row?

    – Pamela
  8. Kels, there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about you. We hope you’re flying high. We miss you and love you so much.

    – Megan Stanton
  9. My beautiful friend you were such a ray of light, full of life with plenty of sass!! A girl who was unstoppable!! My beautiful badass you will live forever in our hearts

    – Susan Pafel
  10. Hope is an anchor and love is a ship, time is the ocean, and life is a trip
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    Tell Him I might need a hand to see you both someday

    So I’ll see you on the other side
    If I make it
    And it might be a long hard ride
    But I wanna take it
    Sometimes it seems that I don’t have a prayer
    Let the weather take me anywhere
    But I know that I wanna go
    Where the streets are gold
    ‘Cause you’ll be there…

    I hope you’ll be waiting for me when it’s time, our story isn’t over yet. I love you with every ounce of my soul. My person, my absolute best friend, my little sister. You will forever be missed.

    – Lacey
  11. Kelsey,
    You were never afraid to tell me when I needed to buckle down and get my sh*t together. You also were never afraid to take up for me when somebody started with me and I was in the right. You were my moms best friend and like a sister to me. You never judged me not one time. You are as bad ass they come and tough as hell! We miss you so much.

    Miss you

    Jamie Simpson
  12. Kels,
    You were the most loyal friend and I miss you so much. Keep watch over us all. We think about you every day and will never forget you 💜

    – Laurie