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Age: 42
Year of Death: 2001

Kenneth B. Kumpel

Kenneth B. Kumpel‚ 42‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 25. A 10-year FDNY veteran and former New York City police officer‚ Kumpel was posthumously promoted to fire marshal. Kumpel and his wife of 18 years lived in Cornwall‚ N.Y.‚ where he was a member of the Cornwall Volunteer Fire Department. An avid craftsman‚ he built his family’s home there.

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  1. Ken was remembered by name at this year’s 9-11 observance in the Town of Cornwall. May he and all who perished rest with the Saints in light.

    – Rev. Thomas Margrave
  2. As an American Airlines Flight Attendant I went to the first public memorial in San Diego CA, one year after the attacks…I was in uniform..and we were all handed small American Flags with victims photos and names..and each year I salute Kenneth Kumpel..I have that flag still…with Kenneth’s photo and he is honored by me.

    – Kathy Leach
  3. Our company just did a 9/11 stair climb in memory of the first responders who heroically passed that terrible day. Each of us had a name on our lanyard and I was given Kenneth Kumpel. I looked up his story and wanted to honor him on this wall – thank you Kenneth and thank you to your family –
    your sacrifices are too great too put in words. Thank you

    Brian Daly
  4. “I climbed because they did”. I was part of the largest Fallen Firefighters Stair Climb yesterday at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI – Over 2000 of us participated in honoring those firefighters who lost their lives trying to save others, on Sept 11th. I was privileged to have Kenneth Kumpel’s badge and to read his name and position as we rang the bell. We will never forget.

    – Carol
  5. Kenny was my uncle, and although I was only in first grade when this tragic event happened, I can never thank people enough for their kind words towards him. He was a kind and giving man, who clearly gave anything to help anyone in need. May everyone Rest In Peace. They are all heros.

    – Melissa Crombie
  6. When I first joined Cornwall fire dept the first person that I met was firefighter Kenneth kumple. He showed me the way to help me be the best firefighter I could be. I got to know him and his family what a great person ken was. R.I.P my friend till we meet again

    – Rich thomsen
  7. had the honor of carrying Kenneth’s name and photo up Monserate Mountain in California on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at the Fallbrook Firefighters Association’s 8th Annual 9-11 Memorial Hill Climb. May your family and friends know that you are not forgotten, and that I will never forget those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

    – Kim Parke
  8. Today I am participating in the 6th annualFallen Firefighters Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. We do this climb to remember those that climbed to save others lives. We will always remember their bravery, and will never forget their sacrifice. I have the incredible honor of climbing the stairs for Kenneth. I climb to preserve his memory. Today I ring the bell for you.

    – Becky Bowers
  9. Every year I climb the San Diego 9/11 stair climb and every year I climb for Kenneth Kumpel. I choose this hero due to the fact that his initials were the same as mine, KK. I looked up his story and was shocked at the similarities. He was a Firefighter for 10 years as am I. He has 2 boys 2 years apart as do I. He was a craftsman who built his family a home and I just got done doing a 10 month long remodel/ addition to our dream home. By the grace of God I happen to have the same initials as him causing me to look up his story. I will continue to climb each year for him, ring the bell, and finish the steps that were taken from him that tragic day. RIP Hero.

    – Kyle Kruthaup
  10. 9/11/2019 climbed 110 floors in 21 minutes and 45 seconds at the 9/11 stair climb on Fort Bliss with his name pinned to my shirt. Never forget!

    – Amber Davis
  11. I visited Ground Zero 8yrs ago, from England. Today, remember 19yrs ago, I looked at our Honeymoon pics, and I found one, with some names visible. A name jumped out at me, Kenneth Bruce Kumpel. So I googled his name, it turns out that we share the same birthday December 30th! I got goosebumps. So remembering the terrible events 19yrs ago, that feel like yesterday, I salute you Kenneth. And all that fell with you.

    – Rory
  12. Geez Kenny will always miss you Lenny and Chris ,Rest In Peace

    – Daniel Wright
  13. I was honored to carry firefighter Ken Kumpel’s wife and sons in my car for the Cornwall, NY, 2012 July Fourth Parade. I think of him and his family often. Especially today, 20 years later.

    – Sandy Gayton
  14. Thank you for your service and sacrifice 20 years ago on 9/11. I regret not getting to meet you and your family. Your brother chris has recently passed and I hope you two can reconnect in the afterlife.
    You made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
    God bless America and Thank you
    Rose Kumpel

    – Rose
  15. Tonight I climbed 110 floors with your name and photo on my chest, in Bishop California. Kenneth B. Kumpel, FDNY Ladder 25. You are a hero and I salute your memory. I’m sure your family still misses you. I lift your family and legacy up in prayer.

    – Naomi Jensen
  16. I was honored to wear a badge with Kenneth B. Kumpel’s name and picture on it as I participated in the 5th Annual 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick Fields in Scottsdale, Arizona on September 11, 2021. As I rang the bell, I said a prayer for him and his family. Thank you for your service. You were remembered and will never be forgotten.

    – Sarah B.
  17. I climbed the 2021 9/11 memorial stair climb in honor of Kenneth Kumpel

    – Jacob Ethan Beasley
  18. Today, Nov. 6, 2021, I had the honor of carrying Kenneth Kumpel’s name and photo in Sacramento’s first annual Tunnels to Tower 5K run/walk. My family was also there to support our widowed daughter-in-law and remember our son, Deputy Adam Gibson, E.O.W. 01/18/2021. Tunnel to Towers paid off my son’s mortgage for his wife and baby daughter. I am honored to be remembering these fallen first responders.❤️

    – Douglass Gibson
  19. Kenneth every yr I remember you and all the rest who sacrifice their lives that day. My late husband was your cousin. I never did get to meet you. God bless all the families that lost loved ones. Love Doris

    – Doris Allen
  20. Today, Sat 10 September 2022 in Melbourne Australia, I carried Kenneth B Kumpel’s name, image and memory with me as I completed the Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb, honouring the memory of Kenneth and all those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

    – Neville Goddard
  21. I had the privilege to participate in the 9/11/22 Tucson Tower Challenge in honor of this courageous man! Kenneth Kumpel – NEVER FORGOTTEN!

    – Dana
  22. Climbed 110 floors at this year’s memorial climb with Kumpel pinned to my shirt. It was an honor to do so. Never Forget.

    – C. Durr