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Age: 41
Year of Death: 2001

Michael A. Esposito

Michael A. Esposito‚ 41‚ lieutenant‚ FDNY‚ Squad 1. Esposito was posthumously promoted to captain. His fellow firefighters nicknamed him Mel‚ after an average guy in a Rodney Dangerfield movie‚ but Esposito was frequently honored for bravery by the FDNY and New York City. He assisted with the search and rescue operations after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and during the 1998 ice storm in upstate New York. He was honored on Staten Island’s Finest and Bravest Day. He was very involved in the sports activities of his sons.

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  1. I just completed the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in your memory. RIP Brother. It was an honor!

    – Stephen Van Namen
  2. I, too, walked in your honor on this 15th anniversary of 9/11 and will wear your name on all my memorial walks moving forward. I continue to be grateful for your selflessness and you will not be forgotten. Prayers for you always!

    – Julie Roberts
  3. I am i member of the Reedsville Fire Dept. I got the honor today to climb for Michael. It was a hot day out today in Green Bay but over 3000 people showed up to climb. Thank you for your courage on that fateful day. Rest in peace brother, we will take it from here.

    – Craig Anhalt
  4. Sept 9 2018, just went 110 floors for you brother. It was an honor. Nashville stair climb.

    – LT Michael Smith
  5. I am a member of the DeRuyter Fire Department in NY and a fire instructor for junior firefighters In Syracuse NY and I was honored to run in memory of Michael Esposito at the DeWitt PFA 5K this year for their 9/11 Memorial race. Rest In Peace brother, I’ll run with you during ever memorial race.

    – Anthony Jarvis
  6. I walked for you today at the 9/11 stairclimb in GreenBay, WI. It was an honor!

    – Sabryna Pal
  7. I had the honor of climbing for Michael in the 6th annual 9/11 memorial stair climb in Green Bay Wi. on September 22, 2018. What a humbling experience! RIP Michael.

    – Jill DeBehnke
  8. Walked in your honor today. Wore your name badge. Always will. Thanks for your selflessness. Love to your loved ones.

    – Bonnie Best
  9. I was honored to have rucked in memory of Michael during two Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Heroes Rucks on Sep 7th and 14th 2019. I chose him as my hero to honor and carried his picture and told his story to the groups participating. I will keep his story alive.

    – Stephen Wright Crossman
  10. I am carrying you today 9/11/2020 and remember the sacrifice you made to our country. RIP, We will Always Remember.

    – Rachel
  11. Brotherhood is etched in stone and together we are forever unbroken. Thank you for your sacrifice and I’m glad to share your name.

    – Michael A. Esposito
  12. Such a nice man. I remember working with him at the Y and he was so kind and great with the kids. So many years later I remember this great man. Thank you for being a hero, sacrificing your life for others.

    – Joyce
  13. I just did the 2021 climb for you. Thank you so much! I have not forgotten!

    – Steven G Whitaker
  14. I climbed 110 flights in your honor on 9/11/2021 Memorial Stair Climb in Green Bay, WI.

    Ringing the bell and saying your name was a very humbling experience.

    I appreciate your willingness to run into danger to serve others. I will make a point to think about you every time I take the stairs instead of the elevator.

    God bless you and your family.

    – Jeff Watson
  15. We will not forget.

    – Madill
  16. We will not forget.
    Bishop, CA memorial climb

    – Madill
  17. You sacrificed your life so that others may live. That is what I call true nobility. On 911 that horrific day soo many people innocently lost their lives. I will never get over it. You truly are a hero. “Sorrows crown of sorrow is remembering happier times.” R.I.P. Uncle Mike

    – Denise Esposito
  18. I completed a 5K walk at the Northern Kentucky Tunnels to Towers in your name. It was an honor.

    – Susan Stutzer Elgowsky
  19. I walked for you today Michael 9/11/2022.
    We are the same age, and I thought about you a lot during the climb. It was an honor to spend the day with a hero like you.

    – Becky Fitzpatrick
  20. I walked in your honour today Michael 9/11/2022, Skytower climb Auckland, New Zealand.
    We are the same age, and I thought about you a lot during the climb. It was an honour to spend the day with a real hero like you.

    – Becky Fitzpatrick
  21. Captain Esposito we heard of your valiant support in the Oklahoma City Bombing for recovery efforts and understood you lost your life in 9/11. Thank you for your selflessness and heroic efforts to say so many. Rest in peace Sir. You won’t be forgotten. Our deepest gratitude.

    – Laura Dove