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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

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Age: 53
Year of Death: 2001

Michael N. Fodor

Michael N. Fodor‚ 53‚ lieutenant‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 21. Before joining the FDNY in 1973‚ Fodor studied chemical engineering and science at the University of Maryland and transferred to the former Richmond College in Staten Island. Fodor was passionate about learning and owned a collection of antique history books. A father of three who had been married for 28 years‚ he was an assistant Scoutmaster with a local Boy Scout troop.

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  1. Today I was moved to rub a name from the twin tower memorial. I looked at many names but Michael N Fodor caught my eye. I’m back at my hotel room & Googled the name. What a great man Michael was. God bless him & his family.

    – Jennifer
  2. Thank you for your selfless acts of courage each and every day, and for your bravery in helping keep your community safe. We will never forget.

    – Starla Taylor
  3. Hi
    My name is Emily Wiltshire and I am a volunteer firefighter in Victoria, Australia. I thought I would let the family know that yesterday I completed the Melbourne Firefighter’s stair climb in honour of the fallen firefighters. Michael was the person on my race bib and I am honoured to have run in his name.

    – Emily Wiltshire
  4. Hi my name is Damien Isaacson from Horsham fire brigade Victoria Australia in 2016 i completed in the Melbourne firefighter stair climb do it in 12.26 . Michael was the fallen firefighter who i climb in honour of

    – Damien Isaacson
  5. Lt. Fodor is “my” firefighter. I carried a flag bearing his name during a 9/11 memorial parade in Loveland, Ohio; he has been “mine” ever since. Every 9/11, I think about Michael and the giant hole he left in so many lives when he was killed on 9/11. Finding his name on the memorial fountain two years ago was incredibly emotional for me. I was with my husband, youngest son, and a friend. I couldn’t explain my tears because words wouldn’t come out of my mouth. It has been an honor remembering you, Michael. Someday I hope to meet your family, so that I can present your flag to them. Peace be with you.

    – Dbie A Johnson
  6. Today I completed the tower challenge in honor of our fallen firefighters. Lt. Michael Fodor was the name on my wrist band and who I climbed in rememberance for. Thank you for your service.

    – Lindsey Arambula
  7. There was a memorial service here in Aspen today (9/11/17) at the Aspen Firehouse. There were red roses with pictures and names of fallen firefighters. On my red rose was Lt. Michael Fodor. I want you to know he was remembered today and will be going forward.

    My best to his children who carry his memory. As a SUNY Oneonta alum I feel even more connected. Never forget…

    – Tracy Mosher
  8. Lt. Fodor was my firefighter for the Nashville memorial climb. It was truly an honor to carry Lt. Fodor to the top. I know he helped carry me.

    – James Hines
  9. Today I did a memory walk in honor of Michael. At the end I said his name outloud and rang a bell. Its always emotional for me. Belton/Rock Springs SC A walk to remember 2018. Thank you for your service

    – Pam Peer
  10. Thank you for the beautiful things you have done in Michael’s name and may God bless you for your kindness. Though I didn’t know it at the time I met him, Michael was my husband’s cousin. Though they lost touch as adults, they were extremely close as children and teenagers. What’s amazing is I also knew of Michael from high school. He was a senior and I was a freshman. I can remember being very nervous on my first day of high school. I took the train that day and Michael happened to be in the same car. I didn’t know him at the time and he was making jokes with his friends and was very funny. I felt very relaxed and I knew I had nothing to be nervous about. It’s a day I’ll never forget and Michael was a person who remained in my heart from then on, even though I never ran into him again until I met my husband! Strange how life is! Michael was an angel long before he was called to heaven and God bless us all for having him in our lives one way or another!

    – Janet Cahill
  11. I had the honor of climbing for Michael at the Sioux Falls Step Up for Heroes this weekend. Thank you for your selfless service, courage and bravery – we will never forget.
    – Mason

    – Mason Payne
  12. There was a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. I was blessed with the honor of being able to carry a pin with Lt. Michael Fodor’s picture and name. I proudly covered my heart with it and marched up 110 floors. Thank you Michael Fodor for your services! You will never be forgotten!

    – Gary Weber
  13. I also climbed at Lambeau Field on Sat, Sept. 7, 2019, in memory and great honor of Michael. I rang the memorial bell at the equivalent of the 78th floor and got tears in my eyes as I thought of Michael and all those who gave their life saving others that day. We talked with our young kids about that fateful day. We won’t stop talking or remembering.

    – Sarah Berken
  14. Today I participated in the firefighter climb in Thomasville, GA and I was honoured to climb for Lt. Michael Fodor. After reading previous comments and the information about Lt. Fodor, it made it that more special that I was able to climb in remembrance of such an incredible man. Never Forgotten.

    – Ben Barnes
  15. This year on Sept. 11, 2020 it is my great honor to carry the name and memory of Lt. Michael Fodor as we honor the fallen at the Springfield, MO Area 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. You sir, are not forgotten, praying for peace and healing for your family as they face another year without you.

    – Jim Cummings
  16. I worked with Michael Fodor’s son at Sanford C Bernstein in NYC he worked in the dividends department and I was in acct transfers from 1997-2004
    His department sat across from mine and I never noticed him until I heard about his father passing. I am sorry I never got to speak to him to give my condolences.
    I have since left that world of finance and joined EMS in 2010 becoming and EMT and now pursuing my Paramedic. The sacrifice that first responders do on a daily basis can never be re paid. I truly hope his family sees all of these beautiful posts. Last I remember the family lived somewhere in Rockland or Orange County NY, a small distance from me in Westchester. I always think of him every time they call out his dads name.

    – Michele Cianci
  17. Today I did a 9/11 climb, and they handed out badges for each fallen firefighter. I was lucky to get Michael N. Fodor. To honor him I held this badge in my hand all 110 flights of stairs I climbed. High in the sky. I would like to thank this man for helping me get through this. And God bless him and his family.

    – Taylor
  18. A blessing to Michael’s family on this day of remembrance (9/11/2021),
    I am friend to Michael’s cousins, Gary & Richard (deceased) and have seen a picture of his grave site. I am grateful for the courage and honor of Michael and his family on 9/11 and beyond.

    I came to New York 10/1/2001 shortly after the tragedy to comfort a family member who had been very near when the towers collapsed. I felt the pain of the city and the nation as I offered prayers near the site of devastation. Not knowing at the time that I would come to know this hero through his family.

    Peace be to all who suffer loss and trauma on this day and forward,
    Peace and comfort
    Pat Maher

    – Pat Maher
  19. I participated in this year’s 2023 Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. I climbed because Michael climbed! I had the privilege of honoring his memory and having Mike’s picture hanging from my helmet as I climbed…He was remembered and will never be forgotten!

    – Jonathan Hess, Captain at Crescent Vol Fire Department, WI
  20. I was at the memorial in NYC a few weeks ago. I took random pictures of it while there, and when looking at the pics recently, this name on the memorial stood out. I googled it and was blown away by the amazing person Michael was. RIP.

    – Rachel