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Age: 25
Year of Death: 2001

Michael Vernon Kiefer

Michael Vernon Kiefer‚ 25‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 132. Kiefer‚ who became an FDNY probationary firefighter in December 2000‚ had previously worked as an FDNY paramedic for a year and a half. He studied in the fire-cadet program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He also served as a volunteer firefighter in Freeport‚ N.Y.‚ and with Hempstead’s South Side Ladder Company.

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  1. I was honored with carrying his badge with me as I did the 9/11 Memorial stair climb at Lambeau in a Green Bay. You will never be forgotten! ❤

    – Kylie
  2. Was honered to carry his badge at the lancaster pa memorial stair climb on 09/10/2017. Never forgotten.

    – Sean
  3. Carrying his badge with privilege and honor at Red Rocks, CO 9/11/2017 Stair Climb.❤?

    – Dee Wittmer
  4. I will be climbing in Oklahoma City this Saturday 9/16/2017 wearing his badge. It’s an absolute honor being able to do this. You will never be forgotten Brother. Gods speed and god bless your family.

    – Jarrod Molloy
  5. Our volunteer fire department trained for this years Lambeau Field 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb together. As I climbed in our quiet home town I thought about what it must have been like to fight fires in the high rises of NYC – we have none in Manitowoc, WI. And I thought about what it would have been like that terrible day 16 years ago. We’d have all rushed to that scene to help in a heartbeat. We’re trained and we just want to help. It’s what makes Michael a hero.
    Each of us had a tear in our eye as we received the badge of a fallen firefighter. I was honored to ring the bell for Michael Vernon Kiefer.

    – Joni Shavlik
  6. Honored to carry your name brother 9/9/2018

    – Jalen Richardson
  7. I was honored to carry his badge during the Tri Cities 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb on 9/9/18. Michael’s picture hangs in my garage and I will remember him each time I leave/arrive home. Micheal and his family will be in my prayers. Thank you for the opportunity to never forget.

    – bj
  8. It’s a privilege and an honor to carry his badge with me during my time in the fire academy. NEVER FORGOTTEN

    – W. Senn
  9. I was humbled and honored to climb for you Michael. I will never forget!! Lambeau Field September 7, 2019. RIP…

    – Sue Gaulke
  10. I was honored to carry Michael’s badge at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Omaha, NE on September 7, 2019. #neverforget

    – Kristen Strickler
  11. Message from the UK. I am a regular visitor to the US as I have friends in Colorado and Chicago. Last year (2018) I was honoured to join the thousands to complete the 9/11 stair climb in Colorado. Before starting the climb we were asked to select one of the fallen and I have the badge to remember Michael. It is on show in my home in the UK; and tomorrow it will take pride of place.
    God bless you Michael and your family.

  12. I proudly did the stair climb in the name of Michael Vernon kiefer ladder 132 at the HCFR AND SIR STAIR CLIMB 9-29-2019 in sebring FL

    – Grady laird
  13. My mother was given a $20 with a stamp to remember and we were wondering who he was and we searched the name up to try and return the bill, this is a very saddening story, all love ❤️ Stay strong

    – Roxana Tejeda
  14. I found a $10.00 bill with a FDNY FF Michael Kiefer stamp on it. I looked up his Biography and was saddened by his story but also honored to now know who he was and his bravery..

    – Steve Shultz
  15. I wear a bracelet with his name on itas a tribute. I will wear it all wekened long to not forget the sacrafice he made

    – Helene C
  16. Beyond honored to carry him with me at the 20th anniversary of 9-11. We climbed at
    soldier field.

    – Allyn Cronin
  17. God Bless you in Heaven. May you Rest In Peace. Twenty years gone on 9/11/2021. Thank you for your service.

    – Elaine Green
  18. I have been honored to carry Michaels badge in the Orlando Tunnel to Towers race.
    Thank you

    – Barbara Vaught
  19. As we mark this sad day of twenty years, I remember mike well, and think about him offen. He was great guy, full of life. Nothing in this world could keep him from being a fireman. I knew mike from old neighborhood when he was a young energetic kid chasing our local fire department to calls. He wanted to grow up fast to get to the fdny. As a young teenager with school and sports and all he was involved in, he still made time for volunteer fd. He because fire explorer to start training early, and get leg up on the other kids. He always worked hard and was always willing to help out in anyway he could. His goal was to make it to fdny, and he did it. He made it all the way, got the dream job he always wanted. This is what I remember of mike, The good times and smiles, and of course that day he called me on the phone to say ” I got the fdny job”. He was hitting pay dirt, and of course we all were so proud of him.

    – john p morelli
  20. Carried his badge with honor walking with the Petal Fire Department memorial stair climb in Petal, Ms. We will Never Forget❤️

    – Jennifer B
  21. I had the honor of carrying his badge for the Lancaster, Pennsylvania 9/11 memorial stair climb at Clipper Magazine Stadium. Though I wasn’t born yet, I will never forget the 343. I climbed because they climbed.

    – Cody Hostetter
  22. Honored to carry his badge this year at the 9/11 tower challenge in Phoenix.

    – Becky
  23. I’m so sorry you died at 21. Here I am, just sitting here crying my eyes out for you. Fly High Kiefer. For you will never be forgotten. You were an angel to this place. May the Lord give you a better time! 🌹

    – -Emery Scott Lakeshore
  24. Carried this badge with honor at my first stair climb in the Lancaster barnstormers stadium. I will definitely carry his badge again with whoever I pick next year as well. So thankful for this experience as a new firefighter.

    – Dylan Goodman