#FireHeroTuesday kicked off the holiday season of givingtogether we can make sure our Fire Hero Families know that we remember.
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 39
Year of Death: 2001

Nicholas P. Chiofalo

Nicholas P. Chiofalo‚ 39‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Engine 235. Chiofalo also served as the fire chief in Selden‚ N.Y. For a third job‚ he worked as a pyrotechnics engineer with Fireworks by Grucci‚ a company that sets off the Fourth of July fireworks display in New York City. The job resulted from a letter of condolence he sent to the company after an explosion killed several employees. Chiofalo married his wife in 1981 and they have a son‚ Nicholas Jr.

Memorial Posts


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  1. It is my humble honor to carry Nicholas 110 floors this weekend at the Wichita climb. Never forgotten.

    – Richard
  2. It was an honor to carry Nicholas in the 9/11 Silent Walk in Charleston South Carolina on September 11, 2015

    – William E. Claypoole
  3. It was an honor for me to carry Nicholas with me as I walked 110 stories yesterday at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. At the 78th floor, I rang a bell and spoke his name so that we never forget. I never met him but he is my hero.

    – Jayme Shefchik
  4. I am honored to have carried Nicholas up both towers, 220 floors. Rest easy brother. Thomasville memorial stair climb

    – Zach Maxheimer
  5. It will be my honor to take Nicholas badge to the 72nd floor of the WTC in full firefighter gear. It is a privelage to honor the fallen and their families. If any family members are reading this, please know he will be greatly honored this morning. Rest easy brother.

    911 memorial NYC stairclimb, NYC
    March 19, 2017

    – Nate Beuschel
  6. Thank you all for doing this for Nick.
    He was a great man and will always be mine and his sons hero.
    You all are now also for doing that in his honor.

    – Joan Nardello Chiofalo
  7. Had the honor to ring the bell and read off the name, Firefighter Nicholas P. Chiofalo , Engine 235 at the Nebraska Memorial Climb.
    Never Forgotten

    – Randall Schroeder
  8. Thinking of Nicky and his family…

    – jean Parisi
  9. It was an honor to carry Nickolas P Chiofalo up 110 floors. Thinking of u today. FDIC 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. 2017.

    – Michael Smith
  10. Our dear and wonderful friend Nick, we think of you today and always. You inspired our son John to become a volunteer firefighter. You will never be forgotten.

    – The Klubnick Family
  11. It was an honor carrying Nickolas at lambeau. His picture will be in my helmet.

    – Trevon lisser
  12. Thanks to all of you who honor Uncle Nicky each year with these heroic memory climbs. He continues to touch lives of people long after he went to Heaven and that is amazing. #neverforgotten #foreverourhero

    – Caryn Nardello Suehowicz
  13. It was an honor to ring the bell and climb 110 stories at the Charlotte 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in memory of Nicolas. 9/8/2018

    – Jaime Robinson
  14. My cousin will never be forgotten for his ultimate sacrifice and service to the community. My prayers today as always to his beautiful family.

    – Patricia Peterson
  15. God bless you my cousin today and always remembering you and our family as we grew up together. Remembering you pushing me on a swing as kids together,and my heart to your wife and son god bless them now and forever .

    Always in my heart

    – Catherine Pardue
  16. I was proud to honor a hero nick chiofalo @ 9/11 ceremonially Hernando County never forgetting our hero’s , never forgotten , always remembered ❤️?

    – Joseph scibelli
  17. I worked with him at DEC. He was good guy. He gave the ultimate sacrifice. I am humbled.

    – Matt Lombardo
  18. It was my honor to get to pay my respects to Nicholas Paul Chiofalo when I visited the waterfalls at the towers in 2013 with my family Eddie and Jannette Chiofalo. I always wanted to, as I’ve always felt I had to, since that awful day. I traveled from Scotland and it’s one of the most meaningful journeys I’ve ever made. Nicholas I never met you but you are a true hero to me xx

    – Christine main
  19. Had the great pleasure of playing Lacrosse and workig with Nick. He had an unrivaled passion for everything he did. He still brings a smile and a tear to fond memories.

    – Don Laskay
  20. Found a iron bracelet with nicks name at the beach.. who should it be returned to

    – Corine
  21. Blessed to carry you with me today at the Stairclimb at Lambeau Field. Will remember you always, never forgotten

    – Carol Higgins
  22. Dear Nicholas,
    Today I donated blood today in your honor.
    I will never forget your sacrifice.

    – Sheena Burklund
  23. Today I completed the 9/11 Tower Challenge in Phoenix, Az and it was my honor to to do so in memory of Nicholas! Never Forgotten!!

    – Erica Lundeen
  24. It was an honor to carry Nicholas Chiofalo with me in the 9/11 Tower Challenge in Phoenix Arizona on September 11, 2019. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice!

    – Marisol
  25. Today my 3 children and I did 1,980 box step ups at the A climb to remember event in Southern Pines NC to honor all of the fire fighters lost this day 18 years ago. We had a card with a picture of Nick on it and did it in his name. He and all of those lost that day and since, as well as their families will be remembered always.

    – Jessica Neely
  26. Its an honor to share a birthday with Nicholas. I visited Ground Zero one year on my birthday. I noticed the white roses that are placed on the names of those whose birthdays are that day, and that day was Nicholas’ too. I have a picture of his name and every year on our birthday I remember him and all those who lost their lives.

    – Devin M
  27. 08/28/21 – Nicolas P. Chiofalo. I carried him with me while I stepped the 2021 PCB Stair Climb with several of my friends. Prayers for you!

    – Brandi M Zank
  28. Uncle Nicky
    Although I was young and lack a clear memory of times spent with you, you will forever have an impact on my life. I keep your dog tag hung up always. Sadly this will be the first anniversary after the passing of your wife and my moms best friend Joan.
    Thank You for your sacrifice <3

    – Matthew Hannett
  29. I had the honor to carry the badge of Firefighter Nicholas In the Tunnels to Towers 5k in Crescent Springs KY today, the 20th anniversary of the terrible day. This was the second time I carried his badge in this race. I went to NYC in2019 and found his name on the memorial. I will carry his badge in 2 weeks when I participate in the Tunnels to Towers in NYC. I’m so excited to honor these first responders in their home town. I also plan to visit his name agaun at the memorial. Thank you Nicholas for the ultimate sacrifice. Know that you are remembered. Blessings to his family

    – Beth Morrison
  30. It was my complete honor to carry Nicholas P. Chiafolo with me today on the 20th anniversary of his ultimate sacrifice on 9/11/2001. 110 floors with full gear was the least I could do to honor the men and women that gave it all.

    – Ian Kincade
  31. It was a great honor to carry Nicholas name 110 floors for the Midland tall city stair climb, September 11th, 2021.

    – Julian
  32. It was a complete honor to carried Nicholas by my side today as I ran the Tunnel for Towers 5k in Clearwater, FL Nov 5, 2022.
    You are still being honored for your service. Never forgotten.

    – Sohnne Sanz
  33. It was an honor to carry Nicholas on Saturday, April 8 at the T@T walk in Greenville, SC. Thank you Nick. May you rest in peace and may God bless you for your service.

    – Tamara L Waters
  34. Not a day goes by in 22 years that i dont think of you. Not a day goes by where it doesnt hurt at some point that you arent here, but I couldnt be more proud to be your son.. I love you dad. miss you pal.. Till we meet again

    – Nicholas Chiofalo JR
  35. It was my honor to climb the steps with Nicholas and announce his name at Truist Field in Charlotte NC on September 9, 2023. We have not forgotten our fallen heroes.

    – Ron Galecki