Roll of Honor

Paul S. Cash

Paul S. Cash

  • Captain
  • Nevada Division of Forestry
  • Nevada
  • Age: 39
  • Year of Death: 2011

Captain Paul Cash was a second-generation firefighter who began his career in June of 1988, as a seasonal firefighter for the Nevada Division of Forestry. Paul became a career firefighter with the NDF in May 1996 and was promoted to captain in July 2006.

He always enjoyed a challenge and had a very level head in the face of any adversity, which made him a natural leader. He was highly intelligent, had an addictive sense of humor, made friends easily, and was extremely well liked. Paul was a great friend, a great firefighter, a caring husband and, most importantly, a great father. He will be missed by all the people he knew, those whose lives he touched in the line of duty.

Paul is survived by his wife, Sherri, and his daughter, Ariel.

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