Roll of Honor

Paul T. Reynolds Sr.

Paul T. Reynolds Sr.

  • Firefighter/EMT
  • Estero Fire Rescue
  • Florida
  • Age: 41
  • Year of Death: 2007

Submitted by his Wife

Paul T. Reynolds‚ Sr.
Estero Fire Rescue – Florida
Classification: Career
Rank: Firefighter
Date of Death: February 27‚ 2007
Age: 41

Paul’s fire service career began at the age of 17‚ as a volunteer for the Estero Fire Service‚ in Estero‚ Fl. He had a passion for the fire service‚ and his ultimate goal was to one day become hired as a full-time paid firefighter. At the age of 22‚ that dream became reality; working for the same department‚ which he had volunteered for several years.

As is the case for many firefighters‚ firefighting and rescue was his passion. It was in his blood. He was one of the ‘old school’ firefighters in that he believed in brotherhood and all for one and one for all. A cause he tried to instill in all the ‘rookies’ as they began their career in the fire service.

Known to many on his department as ‘Pauly’‚ he was also called ‘Rain Man’ by a few in the department due to his natural knack for numbers. He was a caring‚ respected‚ straight shooter. At times to his detriment‚ he called it as he saw it and never tried to act or become anyone other than his true self for social or professional advancement.

Over the course of his career‚ he obtained many awards‚ and numerous course certifications. If there was a class that could better his service to the department or community‚ he acted on and completed the training. Paul was always the one to help a neighbor‚ friend or stranger in need. You could count on him whenever or wherever there was a need. He was the true core of what the public expects from their local firefighters. Yes‚ he also loved the home baked cookies‚ cakes and pies brought in from the citizens of the community to thank him for the help he and the other firefighters may have given on any day.

However‚ the biggest impact Paul had was on his family and friends. He was an honorable and respectful son‚ brother‚ uncle‚ cousin; the list goes on and on. His mom and dad were always very proud of the man he had become‚ no doubt about that.

As the wife of Paul‚ I can say that I was so very fortunate to have had almost 16 years with my husband. While those years were cut short‚ I am grateful for the time that I had with him. He was a loving husband‚ and we had 3 wonderful children together; Samantha‚ 13‚ Paul‚ Jr.‚ 12 and Erin‚ 8. He was the absolute best dad they could have had‚ hands down. Not just a father‚ but a true daddy‚ who always made the time to spend quality time with our kids.

On February 27‚ 2007‚ I lost my husband‚ best friend and confidant‚ Estero Fire Department lost one it’s most loyal‚ knowledgeable and hardworking firefighters and the community lost a friend. However‚ most saddening is that his kids lost their daddy‚ best friend and teacher. He was and always will be their HERO!!!!

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