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Peyton Lane S. Morse

Peyton Lane S. Morse

  • Firefighter
  • Watertown City Fire Department
  • New York
  • Age: 21
  • Year of Death: 2021

Peyton was the most caring, compassionate, and dedicated person you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Peyton was the type of young man that gave 100% to whatever he was working on, whether it was academics, love of sports, his job, hunting and fishing, his family, or his faith. He was very active in his faith, both at home and at college. He also had quite the sense of humor and could take a joke as well as give them. He was the type of person who wished for others to succeed. Peyton was truly dedicated and passionate about the fire service, taking every chance he could as both a volunteer and career firefighter to serve the community and protect both life and property.

Peyton’s dream was to join the Watertown City Fire Department in Jefferson County, New York. Through his hard work and perseverance, this dream was recognized on December 23, 2020. Peyton’s first day on the job was February 1, 2021. Although his time in the Watertown City Fire Department was brief, he did his brothers and sisters in the service proud.

Peyton’s love of the fire service started with his grandfather, Samuel R. Snyder. As soon as he was able to, Peyton joined the volunteer fire department in his hometown of LaFargeville, where he earned the rank of assistant chief and actively served until his untimely death on March 12, 2021. Peyton attended Siena College, where he majored in history. During his time at college, he served as a volunteer at Shaker Road-Loudonville Fire Department. Whether at home or at college, Peyton was actively involved in the fire service. Peyton received his diploma posthumously at a ceremony on May 1, 2021, just two days before he would have turned 22.

Peyton, affectionately called “Bubba,” was a wholly generous person. If Peyton got a call to help with anything—getting a truck out of a ditch, catching cows, moving hay, plowing driveways—he would be there at the drop of a dime, no questions asked. He was strong as an ox with the gentlest of souls. And it’s for all these reasons and so much more that his fiancée, Celeste, fell in love with him. They were set to be married October 2, 2021. He was a brother to Parker, and the two of them shared many adventures growing up and traveling. Peyton was the type of young man that made his parents, David and Stacy, so proud.

The impact Peyton has left on his loved ones and communities is immeasurable, and he will be remembered for the strength of his character and the size of his heart.

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