Roll of Honor

Ricky Telles

Ricky Telles

  • Firefighter
  • Phoenix Fire Department
  • Arizona
  • Age: 44
  • Year of Death: 2019

Firefighter Ricky Telles was born in 1974 in Phoenix, Arizona. He had been with the Phoenix Fire Department for 12 years, being hired for the class of 2006-4, and was 44 years old when he died of occupational esophageal cancer from cumulative exposures. He battled the disease and died on January 17, 2019.

Ricky grew up with a love of many sports, and his favorite was playing and watching soccer.

Before getting hired, Ricky worked in the fire sprinkler business and with the Buckeye Arizona Fire Department. While on the job he was involved in many activities, and the one that was most special to him was the Arizona Burn Foundation and Burn Camp.

He got married while on the job to Crystal McBratney and, at the time of his death, his three children were still quite young.

Ricky, as he was also known on the fire department, worked at Station 5, mostly on Engine 905, a “move up” truck assigned to downtown and then sent system-wide to wherever needed to cover fire stations that were overloaded or on campaign fires or complex calls.

Ricky was given a line-of-duty death funeral service, and he takes his place at the Bell Tower of the Firefighters Cemetery section in Greenwood Memory Lawn in Phoenix.

Ricky is survived by his wife, Crystal; two daughters and one son; two stepdaughters and one stepson; two brothers and one stepbrother; three stepsisters; his father, Rick; his mother, Debbie; his stepmother, Deb; two granddaughters; and many nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, and uncles.