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Roll of Honor

Battalion Chief
Age: 57
Year of Death: 2006

Robert J. Schnibbe Jr.

  • 57 years old
  • Westchester County Battalion Chief – served for 4 years
    • Responsible for coordinating mutual aid operations for 6 neighboring villages
    • Organized drills and training activities for the 6 villages
  • Volunteer member of Protection Engine Company #1‚ Hastings-on-Hudson‚ NY (1967-2006)
    • Served 6 years as company line officer
    • Served 24 years as Chief Officer – 1977 – 2001
  • Member of numerous fire organizations:
    • Life Member of the following organizations:
      • The Westchester County Volunteer Firefighters Association – WCVFA
      • The Hudson Valley Volunteer Fireman’s Association of the state of New York – HVVFA
      • NYS Association of Fire Chiefs – NYSAFC
      • International Association of Fire Chiefs – IAFC
      • Fireman’s Association of the State of New York – FASNY
      • Westchester County Association of Fire Chiefs – WCAFC
    • President of The Westchester County Parade Judges Association
  • Other fireman related memberships:
    • The Hudson Valley Blue Vest Association
    • The Hastings-on-Hudson Volunteer Ambulance Corps
    • The Village of Hastings-on-Hudson Safety Council
    • The Hastings Exempts and Benevolent Association
  • Community Service memberships:
    • Quad Village Rotary Club
    • South Side Athletic Club
    • The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick
    • Holy Name Society of St. Matthew’s Roman Catholic Church
  • Independent Insurance Agent for approx. 35 years
  • Stories & memories
    • Chief Schnibbe was one of the most widely known and respected fire officials in Westchester County and throughout the state.
    • Bob’s fellow firefighters referred to him as their ‘go-to guy.’ If anything was ever needed within the departments in his Battalion‚ Bob was there. He was the volunteer firefighter who always made things happen.
    • Bob was the heart and soul of the Hastings-on-Hudson Volunteer Fire Department. He strived to make the Hastings-on-Hudson Fire Department one of the best. His extensive knowledge of firefighting and dedication caused him to be a leader‚ supporter‚ and teacher within the county and state.
    • Bob was always smiling‚ enjoyed life‚ and lived every day to his fullest. He enjoyed having fun and sharing his infinite number of stories with friends and family. Bob had a big and generous heart. He always put others before himself. If you needed help‚ support‚ comfort‚ or a laugh you thought of Bob Schnibbe. Bob was a very humble man and never wanted to be fussed over. He not only was passionate about the Fire Department‚ but also about the people in his personal life. He was a very dedicated father to his son and daughter and a loving husband. It was only in his passing that we learned all of the things he had done and how proud he was to be a Father‚ Husband‚ and Volunteer Firefighter. Bob Schnibbe will be in our hearts and memories ALWAYS.

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  1. Schnibbe gave us all so many laughs and so many wonderful memories. He has left such a legacy but he is surely missed.

    – Tammy Lee Dunn