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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 45
Year of Death: 2013

Rodney P. Miller

Rodney P. Miller was born February 6, 1968, to Paul and Elaine Miller. As a child, Rodney helped on the family farm, where he learned the meaning of hard work, dedication, and quality, loving family time. In high school, Rodney played baseball for the township in which he lived, receiving numerous trophies and medals.

Rodney studied in the tool and diemaker apprenticeship program, earning his Journeyman papers, and spent 15 years in this trade prior to becoming a self-employed general carpenter and mason. While he was self employed, he would explain to prospective customers that the fire company was his priority, so if there was a call he would leave the job site and return when the call was completed. Some of his customers have said that when he started a job he was their contractor, but by the time the job was completed he was their friend.

Following in his older brother Gary’s footsteps, Rodney joined the Loganville Volunteer Fire Company as a junior volunteer at the age of 16. There, he found the brotherhood of firefighters that became his second home. Through his close association with strong leaders, Rodney perfected his leadership skills. After holding several positions and serving as 1st assistant fire chief, he was elected chief in 2001 by his peers. Rodney was a 29-year veteran of the volunteer fire service, a mentor and well respected within the community. He was posthumously named chief emeritus of the Loganville Volunteer Fire Company.

Rodney was a humble man who never sought notoriety, which is ironic given all of the honors that have been bestowed on him prior to and since his death. Rodney had an infectious smile, laugh,deep blue eyes, a heart of gold, and was always lending a helping hand. He was a loving, caring, and devoted husband, son, brother, uncle, and friend and a leader by example. He was community and faith oriented.

Rodney was an avid hunter and was surrounded by a strong, close-knit family. However, when his pager sounded, his priority and passion was to help anyone in need. Even after his passing, he continued to help others by being a Gift of Life donor. He was brave and a hero to many.

Let your life speak. Rodney’s life spoke volumes, and in the end it rang out, ‟Well done good and faithful servant.”

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  1. rest in peace brother

    – Rick Witten
  2. You are missed everyday by everyone that your heart touched. You were more than just a friend (buddy) to us and that space will always be void. So many things in our life will never be the same. Hunt on and shoot straight! You will always be in our hearts! Thanks for all the wonderful memories!!

    – Melissa Goodling
  3. You always be in thoughts, I’ve learned so much from you as you took me under your wings at the fire house. I looked up to you as an officer and wouldn’t be where I am today without your that leadership back then. I still find it hard to believe your gone but never forgotten brother.

    – Dean Lightner
  4. What an amazing tribute to you and to the 106 firefighters who died in the line of duty, most of whom had their last call in 2013. Your light will continue to shine in the lives of those you touched and the community you loved. We miss you more that we could ever say and hold you forever in our hearts. Until we see you again…. we love you.

    – Mom and Dad
  5. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you in some way Brother. I miss you more than most people realize.

    – Chris Walker
  6. Rodney words can not describe you. You were one of a kind. Your humbleness and your unselfishness toward your family, friends, and your community and surrounding communities speaks loudly of the man and leader that you were. You are in my thoughts every day. Until we meet again my dear friend.

    – Butch Crouse
  7. Rodney, your drive and dedication to the community motivated me in a way that no one else has. The foot print that you bestowed upon our small community, is absolutely amazing. With great pride, I am elated to call the Miller’s, my family.

    – Nick Smolko
  8. I miss you everyday. You truly touched more hearts than you could have ever imagined. I know my life is better because you were in it. Until we meet again.

    – Martha
  9. Oh Rodney…miss you dearly. Think of you all the time. You would be so proud of everyone, Shelly, your family, your station, your friends….You have made a major impact on everyone who knew you & your legacy is a great one. You are gone but will NEVER be forgotten. Thank you for everything, glad you & dad & Zac & Troy & Scott & Dale & David and all the others that have gone too soon are together again & holding the line in heaven…till I see you again…Love you (Thank you for being one of my guardian angels-sorry if I make it hard on you sometimes-lol)

    – Lisa Krebs
  10. Rodney, I got to know you through Shelly. How true the statement “to know you, is to love you”. I could not help but admire and love you when it was so clear that you would do anything to make Shelly happy. You once told me “if it will make things right for Shelly, I will do it”. Since I had adoped Shelly (in my heart) as a daughter that is all it took. As I got to know you, I loved you for so much more. You thanked me for loving Shelly. Now, I’m thanking you. Love you, Rodney!

    – Linda Seitz
  11. Thanks to Rodney for many great memories over the years. I loved his impromptu visits, stopping in to say hi when he had a minute. His infectious smile and great hugs showed how deeply he loves family, friends and our community. Thank you for showing us how to serve others selflessly.

    – Tom Beck
  12. We miss you everyday but you still are helping so many here on earth. Your scholarships have helped so many people excell in the Emergency Services field.

    – Bob Straw
  13. Miss you Rodney Think about you and do still talk to you

    – Tom and Linda
  14. Dear Miller Family.
    On this, the 8th anniversary of Rodney’s death, know that your firefighter family will never forget Rodney. He is a true HERO!!

    – Lisa Hopman