Roll of Honor

Steven Kent Oustad

  • Firefighter
  • United States Forest Service - Lassen National Forest
  • California
  • Age: 51
  • Year of Death: 2002

Steven Kent Oustad‚ 51‚ firefighter‚ U.S. Forest Service — Lassen National Forest‚ died July 28‚ 2002‚ when a fire truck rolled down a mountain as his crew monitored a wildfire. A member of the Federal Wild Fire Service Association Local F-262‚ he served with the Forest Service for 25 years and was just a few years from retirement. Oustad was active with Westwood Little Community Theater‚ where he performed in mystery theater dinners. He spent his free time remodeling his own home and several houses that he planned to rent out.

He was an effective leader and was well respected among his peers.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Miss you Steve. I still play the “what if” game.
    What If I had not tracked you down on your day off to go on that fire.
    What If I had not got hurt I would have been running that truck.

    – Walt