Roll of Honor

Steven R. Burroughs

Steven R. Burroughs

  • Firefighter/EMT
  • Clarkdale Fire District
  • Arizona
  • Age: 54
  • Year of Death: 2012

Steve became a reserve firefighter for Clarkdale Fire Department in 2002. Steve wore many hats during his working career. He loved the town of Clarkdale. He was not only a reserve for the fire department, but he worked for the Town of Clarkdale as the public works director and lived with his wife in Clarkdale for several years. He dedicated his life to the town in many ways. You can’t pass by a park, roundabout, or street and not think of Steve. One of his biggest accomplishments was receiving a grant to install a geothermal system to heat and cool City Hall.

One of his favorite things to do as a reserve was drive the parade truck for the 4th of July celebration. After the parade he would give rides to all the children and their parents around the park. Steve was continuing his education in the fire services to become a fire investigator and inspector. He loved the feeling of closeness and friendship that existed with each member of the fire service in Clarkdale and the Verde Valley.

Steve was in the process of designing the new Clarkdale Fire Station before his passing. Steve was attending his EMS refresher course that fateful weekend. He came home for lunch and got his Harley to ride back to class. When he got home from class, he had a terrible headache and went to bed. Later that night, his wife drove him to the hospital. After being evaluated, we learned he had a fatal stroke.

Steve was the longest-serving employee at the fire district at the time of his passing. He had seen many changes over his tenure.

Steve always enjoyed a good prank and catching friends and family in an embarrassing Kodak moment. Steve not only looked out for his family and friends, he took pride in helping out his community.

Steve is deeply missed by his wife, Alice; children, David (Morgan), Stephanie (Nick), Ariel, and Myles; grandchildren, family, and friends.

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