Roll of Honor

Terry M. Raymond

Terry M. Raymond

  • Firefighter
  • Summerfield Township Volunteer Fire Department
  • Michigan
  • Age: 55
  • Year of Death: 2016

Terry was born to Al and Theresa Raymond in 1961 in Monroe, Michigan. He was one of seven children. He married Tammie in 1982. They had two girls, Leah and Samantha, and three grandchildren, Alexandrea, Gage, and Terrie. He never had the joy of meeting Terrie, as she was born eight months after his passing. In 2007, they moved to Tammie’s small home town of Petersburg, Michigan, where her family has four generations of firefighters.

Prior to moving to Petersburg, Terry was always listening to his scanner and reading the local news to stay current on what was going on in the community. He was always interested in the fire department and always wanted to belong. Moving to Petersburg gave him that opportunity. Within a year of moving, Terry joined the volunteer fire department and quickly completed his firefighting and first responder training.

Terry was always using his vacation time to do things for the department. Whether taking a fire truck to the local school to teach the kids about what to do if they are in a fire, taking a truck to the county fair, or just helping to keep the trucks and hall clean, he was there. It was a common occurrence for Terry to call off work because there was a call and there were not enough firemen in town to answer the call.

When Terry wasn’t working, he was spending time with his grandchildren. He was a regular on Saturday mornings at McDonald’s, reading his paper and watching his granddaughter play. He also enjoyed going to the movies and watching the many police shows on TV. Aside from his family, Terry’s joy was helping those in need.

Terry knew he was well liked by everyone, but he never really knew how well loved he was. Terry passed of a fatal heart attack after a fire call. He is deeply missed by his wife, Tammie Pirolli; his daughters, Leah Raymond and Samantha Raymond; his grandchildren; his mother, Theresa Raymond; his brothers, Phil, Nick, and Pat; his sisters, Chris, Holly and Wendy; and all of our extended family and friends.

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