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Walter C. Fagan Jr.

Walter C. Fagan Jr.

  • Firefighter
  • East Greenwich Township Fire/Rescue
  • New Jersey
  • Age: 48
  • Year of Death: 2007

Submitted by his Family

Walt was born and raised in New Jersey. As a teenager‚ while living in Forked River‚ he began his service to the community by joining the Lacey Township Ambulance Squad. His family later moved to Mt. Royal‚ where he joined the East Greenwich Ambulance Squad.

In 2000‚ he joined the Mt. Royal Volunteer Fire Company. He took part in as many aspects of firehouse business and answered every call that he possibly could. Being a firefighter was becoming a passion. Walt was elected as a trustee and also the chief engineer‚ jobs he took very seriously.

As the chief engineer‚ he had the task of overseeing the maintenance of the trucks. He kept the equipment in good working order. Walt knew how important it was to have everything ready to go when the pager went off. He couldn’t get out of the house fast enough to get to the station. He was usually the one driving to the scene‚ and he stayed with the engine‚ checking the gauges and dials to be sure that all ran smoothly. His brothers could count on him to do his job.

Along with his responsibilities as chief engineer‚ Walt became the station’s ‘go to’ guy. Any time‚ night or day‚ you could call him‚ and he would be at the firehouse‚ taking care of business. He would drop whatever he was doing to lend a hand. Walt loved being a firefighter.

Walt’s first love was family. He enjoyed outings and get-togethers with all of us‚ spending as much time as possible with those he cared for most. He also had a lot of friends‚ folks who liked and respected him and whom he felt the same about. His second love was riding his motorcycle. Whenever the weather was favorable‚ he would be out on the road. He belonged to a local chapter of the Red Knights Motorcycle Club‚ and he rode in some charitable events.

Walt was always doing something for someone else. In the winter‚ he would be out in the snow‚ plowing people’s driveways or parking lots‚ day or night. He made repairs to people’s cars and houses‚ or did just about anything to help someone in need. Usually he asked for nothing in return.

In December 2007‚ Walt suffered a fatal heart attack while en route to a call. His brothers did what they could to help him until he was taken to the hospital by EMS. He passed away in the emergency room surrounded by family and friends. His absence is deeply felt by all‚ and his shoes will be difficult to fill.

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