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Walter  Patmon Jr.

Walter Patmon Jr.

  • Firefighter
  • Chicago Fire Department
  • Illinois
  • Age: 61
  • Year of Death: 2012

Walter Patmon Jr. was born February 17‚ 1951‚ in Chicago‚ Illinois‚ to Walter Sr. and Annie V. Patmon. He was the second of three children‚ between Joe Williams‚ the oldest‚ and Mary Ann Patmon‚ the youngest. Walter was very close and loving with his siblings.

Walter confessed a hope in Christ at an early age‚ and his faith guided him.

While attending Oglesby Elementary School on the south side of Chicago‚ Walter met and befriended a group of young men who formed a brotherhood which lasted half a century. Because of his portly physique and great sense of humor‚ the guys nicknamed him ‘Bubble.’

Walter graduated from Calumet High School in 1969. Shortly thereafter‚ he went on to become an employee at Michael Reese Hospital‚ where he was first a page that carried patients all over the hospital. Then he worked in the mail room delivering mail.

Walter met his wife‚ Diane‚ at Michael Reese Hospital. The couple married‚ and in this union three daughters were born. Walter was a committed and conscientious husband and father. There was always a lot of laughter and fun in our house. Walter was also a long distance truck driver for North American Van Lines‚ and later operated a concrete truck for Material Service.

In 1994‚ at the age of 43‚ Walter Patmon Jr. successfully completed his training at the Chicago Fire Department‚ thus fulfilling a lifelong dream to become a firefighter. Upon graduation from the fire academy‚ he was assigned to Truck 19‚ Company 14 on the north side of Chicago. His next assignment was Truck 40‚ Company 121‚ in the Beverly area of Chicago. A veteran firefighter for 18 years‚ he was not only committed to his fire company‚ but also committed to helping people. Walter worked tirelessly to promote greater support and respect for firefighters from the citizens of Chicago‚ whom they are sworn to protect and serve. Walter will be remembered by his colleagues for his willingness to lend a hand to any task and for his outstanding cooking skills. Which leads us to his famous rub for meat‚ called the ‘Bub Rub.’ This made his barbecue worth the wait and was all the rave among his colleagues‚ friends‚ and family.

Walter Patmon Jr. leaves loving memories in the heart of his devoted wife‚ Diane; their three daughters‚ Windy‚ Kirby‚ and Kirwin; brother‚ Joe Wiliams‚ and wife‚ Shilla; sister‚ Mary Ann Patmon; a host of uncles‚ cousins‚ nieces‚ nephews‚ and friends; and his many brothers and sisters on the Chicago Fire Department.

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