Harold L. Hansen

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John D. Evans

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Kirk M. Wicker

Submitted by a Fellow Firefighter

Kirk M. Wicker
Sioux City Fire Department – Iowa
Classification: Career
Rank: Probationary Firefighter
Date of Death: June 27‚ 1982
Age: 25

Kirk was in his 10th month of service as a probationary firefighter. He was a musician and my friend. He gave his life in the line of duty while responding to an arson fire at a poultry processing plant. While riding with him to his last alarm on the tailboard of Engine 36‚ he kept hold of me and kept me from falling off as I secured my turnout gear.

He would have been an excellent firefighter had he lived. We were hired the same day. I knew him only 10 months‚ but have thought of him every day since.

Michael L. Johnson

Submitted by his wife

Mike was an 8-year member of the Sioux City Fire Department. He was involved in many community service programs‚ a veteran of the US Air Force and served during the VietNam War‚ and ultimately proud to serve as a Firefighter.

Mike and fellow firefighter‚ Kirk Wicker‚ died as a result of an arson fire in a poultry processing plant.

Survivors include his wife‚ Sandy‚ and two sons‚ Michael Jr and Dustin‚ parents Don and Shirley Holt‚ and brother‚ Norman Johnson.

James R. Baker

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Walter E. Eberhart

Charlotte, Iowa, Mayor and volunteer firefighter, Walter Eberhart, 51 was pronounced dead on arrival December 22, 1981 after he collapsed while fighting a fire in Charlotte.

Walt was born July 31, 1930, in Charlotte to Albert and Rose Eberhart, the second of 10 children. He married Carole Ketelsen on September 13, 1958 in Charlotte. He had served as mayor of Charlotte since 1979 and had been recently elected to a second term. He was a member of the Charlotte Volunteer Fire Department for over 20 years, served on the Clinton County Solid Waste Commission Board and Charlotte Fire Association Board and was head maintenance director for Northeast Community Schools.

His wife, Carole, passed away in December 2018. Walt has three children; Shelly (Kenny) Mohr, Patti (Rick) Christiansen, and Andrew Cathy) Eberhart. He had one grandchild, Kelly Hosette, before his passing who lost her husband, Eric Hosette, fighting a fire for Clinton Fire Department in January 2019. Walt and Carole have six grandchildren.