Robert H. Marsh

Bob Marsh

I am Bob Marsh’s son. I am proud to be Bob Marsh’s son. I have always been proud to be Bob Marsh’s son. I honestly cannot recall a time in my life when my father said or did anything that did not reflect well on his character or that have brought even a hint of dishonor to his family.

As I look at my own life‚ I now realize that the best qualities I strive to own are those that my father possessed-his hard work‚ honesty and fairness when dealing with life’s challenges- his sense of humor‚ his love of music and his constant optimism- his acceptance and tolerance of others- and the profound respect and devotion he always gave to my mother. My father not only did things right‚ he did right things.

I am a Boy Scout Leader in the small town where I live. Saying the Scout Oath with my boys now has a much deeper meaning to me when I reflect on my father’s life. On my honor‚ I will do my best to do my duty…

My father did his duty to his country. He served her eagerly and with valor. His Purple Heart always reminds me of the price he was willing to pay to honor and defend his country.

My father did his duty to his fellow man. Hate and prejudice were not present in our home and I would not know they existed if I had never gone out into the world. And helping others was something Dad did so naturally that I never considered there could be any other way to act.

And today‚ I swell with pride when I hear it said that my father died in the line of duty. It could not have been any other way. My father lived his life in the line of duty. I only hope I finish with a life that makes my children half as proud of me as I am of my father.

I am Bob Marsh’s son. I am proud to be Bob Marsh’s son.

James Marsh

Phillip ‘Pip’ Conner

Phillip 'Pip' Conner

Phillip ‘Pip’ Conner‚ 29‚ a four-year seasonal firefighter with the National Park Service-Lake Mead National Recreation Area‚ died on August 3‚ 2000‚ in a helicopter crash after fire suppression activities. A U.S. Navy veteran‚ he was very involved with youth groups‚ his church and the Boy Scouts.

John Gray

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Adam Sorenson

Submitted by his Father

Honored in 1996

Although only 23 years of age when he died‚ Adam brought much experience and dedication to his EMS and firefighter activities.

A life long resident of Ruth and White Pine County‚ Adam was a very active member of the Ruth Volunteer Fire Department and the Emergency Medical Services where he served as a Captain Fire Fighter and EMT for the department. His hobbies included fishing‚ hunting‚ rope climbing‚ cave exploring‚ and country western dancing.

Adam gained his EMT certification to assist with staffing an ambulance in Ruth and was an EMT for 1 1/2 years prior to his death. On July 15‚ 1995‚ Adam was en route to meet his partner to stand-by at the BMX race track. The ambulance he was driving crashed into a newspaper office in downtown Ely.

Adam’s father‚ aunt‚ and brother-in-law are all volunteer firefighter/ambulance attendants. In fact‚ the ambulance that responded to the crash in which Adam died was staffed with his father and aunt. The entire county was in shock and very grieved.

Adam was given a firefighter’s funeral and will be remembered as one of the County’s finest. Adam throughout his life was always around the fire department and the equipment he father was and is presently the First Volunteer Fire Chief‚ after founding the department in 1972. While being around the fire equipment throughout his life‚ he had a wonderful ability to relate to people at age eleven he often would teach the new volunteers the ins and outs of the fire trucks‚ and rescue equipment. He was totally dedicated to the people he served. He had an ability to make people feel as if they were all his very best friend. Adam is survived by his Wife Debra Sorenson Step daughter Cassie Sorenson‚ parents‚ Martin and Novella Sorenson‚ and a brother and six sisters‚ as well as a town full of friends and people whom he loved and loved to serve.

John C. Dorff

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Stanley M. Rhoads

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Michael V. Copple

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Maggie M. Durham

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Billie D. Combs

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