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Tears on the Expressway: One Widow’s Story

Tears on the Expressway: One Widow’s Story

Episode 2 of the Grief in Progress podcast
Mary Hollis

In the second episode of season two of the Grief in Progress podcast, you will meet Mary Hollis, the wife of Al Hollis, who died in the line of duty in 1991 at the age of 44. Mary begins the episode speaking candidly about the day she learned her husband died, leaving her a widow with two small children. Balancing her expressions of grief with those of her children is something anyone who has experienced grief can relate to.

Mary turned her grief into a mission of helping others through connection and compassion. Mary co-founded The Next Chapter Widows Ministry to create a support system for other widows to offer them hope for tomorrow.

Mary also reflects on her appreciation for the NFFF’s Remembrance Card program. Every year, on or around June 9 (the day her husband died), she receives a card in the mail handwritten by another Fire Hero Family member. It is her tangible reminder that others remember and honor her husband.

Listen to Mary's story on Grief in Progress or your favorite podcast platform.

I carry Al with me by stressing the importance of family and in giving back by serving the community.

A new episode featuring NFFF Fire Hero Families will launch on the 15th of each month, from May through October 2023.