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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Fire Police Captain
Age: 62
Year of Death: 2010

Donald G. Mellott

Don Mellott was born August 28‚ 1947‚ in Lock Haven‚ Pennsylvania‚ to Benjamin and Ruth Mellott.

Don graduated from Lock Haven High School in 1966. Upon graduation he worked as a mechanic and master mechanic for a construction company. In 1975 he started his own auto repair business known as D&G Auto Repair and Welding‚ which is still operated today by his son‚ Gary.

In 1967‚ he married Judith M. Baker and would have celebrated 43 years of marriage on February 25‚ 2010. They raised two sons‚ Gary Donald and Travis. Gary is very active in the community with the fire industry. He belongs to the Lock Haven Fire Department‚ where he is a driver four nights every other week. He is also a certified EMT and ambulance operator for Lock Haven EMS and is specialized in extrication. Travis‚ the younger of the two sons‚ was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 1989‚ at the young age of 19.

Don was blessed with two very special grandchildren‚ Colton Travis and Brooklyn Dawn. Colton is a student at Lock Haven University‚ majoring in Elementary Education and very active in the fire service. Brooklyn is in 7th grade at Central Mountain Middle School and is a cheerleader. Don was extremely proud of the fact that there were three generations of firefighters in the family.

Don joined the local fire company when he was 16. At the time of his death‚ he had served five fire companies and was fire police captain of the Woolrich Fire Company and chief of the fire police. His major objective was with the fire police and acquiring the appropriate clothing and equipment to perform the job properly and safely. He worked tirelessly for the organization.

Don was doing what he loved when he was struck by a car while serving as fire police on the scene of a motor vehicle accident‚ a tragic accident that this community will never forget. A scholarship has been set up in his memory at the Central Mountain High School and will be presented by his grandson‚ Colton.

The community suffered a great loss and will be forever grateful to him for his service and sacrifice of his life. He will always be deeply missed by his family and the community.

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  1. I miss my grandfather so much. He was such a great man. Would give the shirt off of his back! Tomorrow marks 5 years since he’s been gone. I will love you forever..

    – Brooklyn
  2. Pop it will be 6 years and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Now the Asst. Chief of Goodwill Hose Co. in Flemington still trying to keep your memory alive and making you proud everyday. I will always keep an In memory sticker on my helmets no matter what title I hold or whatever helmet I wear. I always say a prayer and tap that sticker knowing you are with me no matter where I go you will always have my back. I am so proud of you and everything you did to help me and things you have shown me. I use them everyday to help me in my personal life and in my fire service career. I WILL NEVER LET YOUR MEMORY DIE AND AM PROUD EVERY TIME I CAN SAY THAT YOU WERE MY GRANDFATHER AND I AM YOUR GRANDSON. NEVER FORGET DONALD G. MELLOTT 2/10/2010 WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU EVERYDAY INCLUDING MY NOW WIFE TANEEKA who misses you deeply. We will never forget you. I LOVE YOU POP AND MISS YOU SO MUCH

    – Colton Mellott