Kenneth D. Marshall Jr.

Kenneth D. Marshall Jr.

Kenny was born on December 3‚ 1976‚ to Kenneth and Rhonda Marshall. He graduated from Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School in 1995. He was a third generation firefighter on the Rehoboth Fire Department. He was also an EMT. His father‚ Ken‚ and grandfather‚ George‚ are both retired members of the Rehoboth Fire Department. Kenny’s brother‚ Jonathan‚ is also on the fire department. While responding to a call on Thanksgiving night‚ Kenny had a fatal heart attack when he was pulling the engine out of the station.

Kenny was always lending people a hand when he had the time. A family man‚ he also loved spending time with his two children. He enjoyed fishing and hunting. He also enjoyed going to watch all of the activities that his children were involved in. He enjoyed our family trip to New Hampshire that we took every summer. Kenny worked as a heavy equipment operator for J.H. Lynch.

Kenny’s children‚ Brianna and Trevor‚ loved going to the station with their daddy on Sunday mornings for tone test‚ just like he did when he was a kid. Whenever Daddy went on a fire call‚ they wanted to go with him to watch. The kids thought it was cool if the tone went off while we were out‚ so that way we could go and watch from the car. They love the fire trucks.

Kenny is survived by his wife‚ Bethany; his 6-year-old daughter‚ Brianna; and his 3-year-old son‚ Trevor. He is also survived by his parents‚ brother‚ grandparents‚ in-laws‚ aunts‚ uncles‚ nephews‚ and cousins.

He is greatly missed by everyone.

Dillon Crawford Denton

Dillon Crawford Denton

Dillon Crawford Denton was 64 years old and had enjoyed an early retirement for almost three years. He was 19 days away from his 65th birthday. He had received the rank of lieutenant. He had only been with the Charlotte Road/Van Wyck Fire Department for two years and five months‚ but he served the department previously when he was a young man for about seven years.

His love for helping people was a part of who he was. Before he retired‚ he worked at a paper mill‚ where he was on the industrial fire brigade and part of a high angle rescue team. He had about 39 years of service there‚ where he was also a certified EMT. He received an award for a rescue operation that took place on March 14‚ 2000. The accident at Bowater was the worst in the plant’s history. Two workers died and four were injured.

Dillon served in the National Guard for eight years and was a noncommissioned officer.

He served as a Boy Scout leader when his two sons were growing up. He also served in the community as part of a community club/crime watch.

He served his church as a Sunday school teacher‚ deacon‚ and elder. He and his wife were teaching a young adult class at Van Wyck Presbyterian Church when he passed away. He was the pastor’s right hand man‚ the person he would call any time when things didn’t work or just needed checking.

Dillon was a wonderful family man who loved his wife of 44 years and two boys. He had five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren who called him Paw Paw and loved him dearly. He was a sportsman and enjoyed hunting and fishing with his family.

He was an artisan who hand carved beautiful walking canes‚ a good many of which he gave away to those who needed them. He was a gardener who loved growing his own vegetables and gathering them in the baskets which he wove by hand. He enjoyed life especially since retirement‚ because he had more time to help his neighbors and be a part of everything he couldn’t do before.

His philosophy in life was‚ ‘Each day is a new opportunity to start all over again.’ He didn’t dwell on yesterday or concern himself too much about tomorrow. He would say‚ ‘I wake up in a new world each day.’ He loved God‚ family‚ and country‚ serving all to the best of his ability.

Annette Denton

Jimmy W. Tuberville

Jimmy W. Tuberville

Jimmy was always there to lend a helping hand to his family and friends‚ never expecting anything in return. As a volunteer fireman with the Milledgeville Volunteer Fire Department‚ Chief Jimmy W. Tuberville suffered a heart attack while fighting a grass fire on December 13‚ 2010‚ just three days before his 64th birthday.

Jimmy was born to Garvin and Mildred Tuberville of Burnsville‚ Mississippi‚ on December 16‚ 1946‚ the first of six children. He had four brothers‚ Johnny‚ Joe‚ Jerry‚ and James‚ and one sister‚ Linda. When Jimmy was young‚ the family moved to Enville‚ Tennessee‚ where they made their home. Jimmy graduated from Chester County High School‚ where he met the love of his life‚ Patricia Ann Spencer. Jimmy and Ann were united in marriage on January 20‚ 1968. He left for Vietnam three weeks later.

Jimmy served in the United States Army from 1968 to 1972. After returning from Vietnam‚ he and Ann made their home in Milledgeville. After seven years of marriage‚ they became parents of Joey Spencer‚ and three years later Justin Walt was born. For 39 years‚ Jimmy worked for Grinnell Corporation‚ which later became Anvil International; he retired in 2008.

For more than two decades‚ Jimmy was a vital asset to the fire department. He consistently battled the inferno with no thought to personal safety‚ fearlessly extinguishing the flames and rescuing the endangered civilians even under the most trying conditions. This dedicated and thoughtful leader expertly led those under his command as their fire chief for ten years.

Jimmy worked diligently to establish a bright future for the people of his community. He distinguished himself as a model citizen‚ serving as city alderman for eight years‚ on the cemetery committee‚ park commission‚ and was a devoted and active member of the Milledgeville United Methodist Church. He served on numerous church boards and was the assistant superintendent of Sunday school.

In his spare time‚ Jimmy loved to bowl and played on a bowling league for eight years. He also loved to fish‚ ride his motorcycle‚ travel‚ and do any type of activity that involved family. He was a family man who loved his wife‚ Ann‚ cherished his two sons‚ Joey and Justin‚ and worshipped his four grandchildren‚ Tyler‚ Kirby‚ Lynley and EllyKate‚ and his two daughters-in-law‚ Cindy and Brandy.

Not a day goes by that he is not remembered by those he touched. Jimmy was the ‘Community Handyman‚’ as he was always making sure that things were done just right and to perfection.

In the end‚ Jimmy gave his life to the job he loved. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him‚ the department‚ church family‚ friends‚ but most of all by his family.

Chad L. Null

Chad L. Null

Chad Lee Null‚ 33‚ of Sullivan‚ Indiana‚ passed away on December 16‚ 2010‚ at the fire station after returning from two emergency medical services calls. He was born on November 12‚ 1977‚ in Tipton to Michael Null and Norma Simmons Null Firestone.

Chad was a 1997 graduate of Hamilton Heights High School and served as a Sullivan police officer for five years. He began volunteering on the fire department in 1997 and had been a full-time firefighter and paramedic for the City of Sullivan for about five years. He was a member of the Firefighters Union Local 1438 and the Wild Turkey Federation.

He was survived by his wife of eight years‚ Cassandra Marie Emley Null‚ whom he married October 19‚ 2002; one son‚ Gabriel Null; one daughter‚ Grace Null; his father‚ Michael Null; his mother‚ Norma Simmons Null Firestone; his grandmother‚ Emma Jean Null; and extended family.

He was a good guy and loved his job and his family and doing things for the community.

Corey D. Ankum

Corey D. Ankum

Corey D. Ankum was the youngest of four children born to Johnnie and Marie Ankum‚ on September 26‚ 1976‚ in Chicago. He graduated from Charles H. Wacker Elementary School in 1990 and attended Thornton Fractional High School‚ graduating in 1994. In high school‚ Corey developed a love and a talent for basketball‚ which he continued to play with skill and zeal throughout his life. Corey attended Kiswaukee College in Malta‚ Illinois‚ where he received his associate degree in business. He continued his education at Kendall College in Evanston‚ Illinois‚ where he received a bachelor’s degree in business.

After earning his degrees‚ he became the director of Jack and Jill Daycare‚ a family owned business‚ where he met the love of his life‚ Demeka J. Wade‚ in October 1999. The happy couple was married on August 8‚ 2008. Corey graduated from the Chicago Police Academy on November 13‚ 2008‚ then transitioned to the Chicago Fire Department (CFD)‚ graduating from the Fire Academy on April 1‚ 2010.

Corey‚ known to many as CoCo‚ was an amazing husband‚ father‚ son‚ brother‚ uncle‚ and friend. Most of all‚ he was proud to be a father to his one and only son‚ Torey D. Ankum. He had a great sense of humor‚ a bright smile‚ and a hearty laugh. Corey was a jack of all trades. He was a self-taught chef‚ carpenter‚ mechanic‚ teacher‚ and a wonderful role model. You name it‚ he could do it. He was a sports fanatic‚ with two of his favorite teams being the San Antonio Spurs and the New England Patriots. He led and taught by example and spent most of his life in the service of others.

On the morning of Wednesday‚ December 22‚ 2010‚ Corey perished together with his comrade‚ Edward J. Stringer Sr.‚ from injuries sustained while battling a blaze on the Southside of Chicago. Firefighter/EMT Ankum was fighting a fire in a vacant‚ one-story brick building when a roof and wall collapsed‚ wounding him fatally and also injuring 17 of his comrades. He received many certificates and honorable mentions within his short time with the CFD. He was loved and respected by all who knew him at the Chicago Fire Department‚ and he was proud to be part of the ‘brotherhood.’

Corey is survived by his loving wife and best friend‚ Demeka; his beautiful children‚ Demia‚ Baylee‚ and Torey; his loving parents‚ Johnnie and Marie Ankum; grandmother‚ Pearlie Strickland; siblings‚ Carol Ankum‚ Charmain Ankum‚ Mary Teresa; and a host of other relatives and friends.

Edward J. Stringer Sr.

Edward J. Stringer Sr.

Edward J. Stringer Sr.‚ born on April 26‚ 1963‚ was a 12-year veteran of the Chicago Fire Department. He served with Engine 63 and was a member of Local 2. Edward was a spontaneous man who brought life and zest to all those around him. A very considerate‚ neighborly man‚ he would lend a helping hand in any needed situation. His crude sense of humor and sarcastic ways will be missed by his family‚ friends‚ and ‘brothers.’ He truly knew how to brighten one’s day with a hysterical gesture or joke or simply by his captivating and contagious smile.

Edward‚ a very intelligent individual‚ graduated from Curie High School in Chicago. In 1981‚ he became a proud father to his son‚ Edward J. Stringer Jr. At a very young age‚ he endeavored to provide with everything he had‚ working two jobs and taking college courses at Daley Community College in Chicago. His encyclopedic knowledge of the city’s features and geography came into play when he worked many years as a delivery man throughout the city. Later‚ in 1988‚ it helped him when he himself ‘delivered’ his daughter‚ Jennifer M. Stringer‚ in a Bridgeport‚ Illinois apartment. Always an enthusiastic‚ hardworking family man‚ his children will hold dear the memory of their father as an unsurpassed role model and mentor.

In 1998‚ Edward’s passion showed through when he joined the Chicago Fire Department. Anyone who knew him could tell his pride to be a part of the ‘brotherhood.’ He actively participated in many fire department benefits and also worked raising money to send child fire victims to burn camp.

Throughout the years‚ Edward enjoyed cooking‚ a good cocktail‚ rooting for the Chicago White Sox‚ listening to rock and blues‚ walks with his dog‚ Roscoe‚ and spending time and countless laughs with his friends‚ family‚ and coworkers. He was an avid motorcycle rider who loved to travel‚ spend time outdoors at his campsite-fondly known as ‘the Happy Place’-and recently cherished any free time with his confidante‚ Joan Husemann-Middendorf.

The loss of such a brave firefighter‚ a beloved son‚ an incredible father‚ a cherished friend‚ a fine man‚ will never be adequately measured or put into words. He always told me‚ ‘Don’t call me a hero. I’m just a regular guy‚ doing my job.’ But in the hearts of his survivors‚ a ‘hero’ he will always be.

Kenneth Adamo

Kenneth Adamo‚ 48‚ of Elmwood Park‚ New Jersey‚ died on December 28‚ 2010‚ after responding to a call.

Kenny was born in Paterson‚ New Jersey‚ and lived in Garfield before moving to Elmwood Park. He was a detective for the Garfield Police Department for 25 years and a captain and active member of Elmwood Park Fire Department‚ Company 1 for eight years. He was also a life member and captain of Garfield Fire Department‚ Company 5‚ where he served for 21 years‚ and a life member of the Garfield Volunteer Ambulance Corps. He was also a longtime member of the New Jersey Metro Fire Photographers Association.

Kenny was a member of the Garfield PBA #46. He was an assistant coach of Paramus Catholic Baseball Team.

He was the beloved husband of Donna (Greco) Adamo; loving son of Thomas and Judy (De Phillips) Adamo‚ devoted father to Nicole and Alison Adamo‚ and brother of Susan Stys.

Kenny is remembered for his dedication and determination‚ working hard to bring his ideas to reality. He was a mentor to the younger members of the department and looked out for his fellow firefighters.

Thomas G. Hardy

Thomas G. Hardy

Tom was born February 10‚ 1942‚ in Kalamazoo‚ Michigan. He graduated from Richland High School in 1960. Tom became a Journeyman Millwright after completing a Millwright Apprenticeship. He worked in auto factories‚ paper mills‚ food factories‚ and nuclear power plants until his retirement.

Tom married Janice Irene Mahoney in 1963. He had two children‚ a son‚ John (wife Erin)‚ and a daughter‚ Kimberly. He had two grandchildren‚ Avery Elizabeth and Kendra Lynn. Tom moved his family to Hickory Corners‚ Michigan‚ in 1974‚ and after a fire in their new home he joined the Hickory Corners Fire Department as a firefighter and became fire chief of that department in 1978. While on this department‚ he became president of the Barry County Fire Chiefs Association.

Tom and his family moved to Athens‚ Michigan‚ in 1987. In 1993‚ Tom joined the Athens Township Fire Department as a firefighter and was appointed fire chief of that department in 1998. Tom was involved with the 911 Committee‚ Tri County Firefighters Association‚ and Calhoun County Fire Chiefs Association.

Firefighting was Tom’s life’s passion until his passing on December 31‚ 2010.

Donald W. Hubbel

Donald W. Hubbel

Donald Wayne Hubbel died February 1‚ 2008‚ after conducting training evolution drills at the Baltimore City Fire Department’s training academy.

Born in Baltimore‚ he was a 1983 Overlea High School graduate. He attended classes at Essex Community College and later took numerous fire science courses. He served in the US Navy and later worked as an electrician. After joining the fire department in 1993‚ he was initially assigned to the Glen Avenue truck company. He was promoted to emergency vehicle driver and assigned to Truck 18 and then to Rescue 1. After becoming a lieutenant at Engine 52‚ he returned to Rescue 1. He was promoted to captain and headed Squads 47 and 54‚ and most recently returned to Rescue 1 in downtown Baltimore.

Captain Hubbel was part of the department’s Special Operations Command‚ a member of the city’s special rescue operations team‚ a rescue specialist for the Maryland Task Force II‚ and other area rescue units. He was an adjunct instructor at the fire academy‚ where he loved teaching recruits. During his career‚ Captain Hubbel received numerous department commendations for outstanding acts of service and many distinguished service awards‚ including a Meritorious Conduct Medal‚ an Exemplary Performance Medal and four Distinguished Unit Citations.

In 2003‚ he assisted after Tropical Storm Isabel struck the Baltimore area‚ and in 2005‚ he went to St. Bernard Parish‚ Louisiana‚ to help with rescue and recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina.

He was the beloved husband of 10 years of Diane M. (Marino) Hubbel; devoted father of Amanda A. and Tabitha M. Hubbel; devoted stepfather of Nicholas J.‚ Michael F. and Andrew D. Stromberg; beloved son of Wayne J. Hubbel and the late Carol Fuller; dear stepson of Maryalice Ditzler-Hubbel; and the dear brother of C. Debbie Shifflet and Susan M. Hubbel. His stepson‚ Nicholas Stromberg‚ completed the Baltimore City Fire Academy the same day that Captain Hubbel died.

‘He was extremely level-headed and liked the challenge of assessing an emergency situation and then figuring out how to best handle it‚’ said Division Chief Joe Brocato.

Bruce Bachinsky

Bruce  Bachinsky

Lt. Bruce Bachinsky‚ 47‚ died of a heart attack on October 26‚ 2010‚ after working a 24-hour shift. Bruce was a decorated firefighter‚ earning two unit citations during his 12-year career. The first‚ in 1999‚ was for work at a structure fire‚ and the second‚ in October 2005‚ was for a rescue from the Naugatuck River. Bruce joined the Waterbury Fire Department on October 16‚ 1998. He was promoted to lieutenant in June 2009 and was assigned to Engine Company 8.

Bruce was born on July 17‚ 1963. He graduated from Sacred Heart High School in 1981. He earned associate degrees in manufacturing engineering and in computer aided drafting and design from Waterbury State Technical College. He worked as an aircraft mechanic for Pilgrim Airlines in Windsor Locks before enlisting in the U.S. Army. Bruce completed ranger training and served with the 2nd 75th Ranger Battalion at Fort Lewis‚ Washington. Upon completion of his tour‚ he continued his military career with the Connecticut National Guard. Bruce worked as a manufacturing engineer for five years before joining the Waterbury Fire Department.

Bruce was active in his community‚ having coached the Bunker Hill girls’ basketball and softball teams for many years. He was an avid cyclist and enjoyed working on his Nissan 240SX in his spare time.

Bruce and his wife‚ Helen‚ were married for 18 years and had two daughters‚ Laura (17) and Michelle (15). Bruce was a devoted husband and father. He is sadly missed by them; his parents Roy and Margaret; his sister Daron; his brother Craig and by his many friends.