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Terry L. Cannon

Terry L. Cannon

  • Major
  • Buechel Fire Protection District
  • Kentucky
  • Age: 51
  • Year of Death: 2010

Terry Leo Cannon was born on May 31‚ 1958. His parents‚ Albert and Carolyn Cannon‚ raised him in Buechel most of his life. Friends and classmates remember Terry as a little boy running to the edge of the road to watch a fire truck go by. He always told Them‚ ‘I’m going to be a fireman one day.’

After graduating from Seneca High School in 1976‚ Terry followed his dream and‚ on February 7‚ 1977‚ he was voted onto the Buechel Volunteer Fire Department. In December of 1977‚ Terry met his future wife of 30 years‚ Barbara L. Reynolds. They were married on April 5‚ 1980. On July 15‚ 1981‚ Terry was hired by the Buechel Fire Department as the first paid firefighter/maintenance personnel.

He was blessed with the birth of his first daughter‚ Krista Lynn Cannon‚ on April 10‚ 1987. Through the years‚ Terry attended Jefferson Community College and received an associate degree in fire science shortly after the birth of his second daughter‚ Kara Lynn Cannon‚ on September 25‚ 1992. Terry went on to become an EMT and continued on to become an EMT instructor. He was a member of the HAZMAT team and the trench rescue team for Jefferson County. He held many certifications‚ including certified firefighter and fire inspector. On April‚ 5‚ 2002‚ he fulfilled his second dream to become a certified arson investigator.

Terry was an active member of the St. Bartholomew Church. He and his daughters were members of the bell choir‚ and at the time of his death he sat on the parish council.

Terry was a dedicated father. He never failed to attend every dance recital‚ basketball‚ volleyball‚ and soccer game‚ as well as every cheerleading event and swim meet. His daughters are very much Daddy’s girls‚ and he loved them dearly.

After climbing through the ranks and 20 years as a paid firefighter‚ Terry retired from the fire department on July 31‚ 2001. Terry continued with the department as a volunteer. He was promoted to major that year. He went back to work as a life safety code inspector for the Office of the Inspector General. After a few years‚ he transferred to the Kentucky State Fire Marshal’s office as a deputy state fire marshal.

Terry is remembered as a peacekeeper‚ dedicated public servant‚ true friend to all‚ loving father‚ and soul mate to his wife. We will never forget that beautiful smile he always wore. He was truly a good man. Over 75 pieces of fire apparatus and over a thousand friends and family attended his funeral.

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