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Victor B. Scott

Victor B. Scott

  • Assistant Chief
  • Otter Creek Volunteer Fire Department
  • Florida
  • Age: 61
  • Year of Death: 2004

Victor B. Scott was born in Trenton‚ New Jersey‚ on June 29‚ 1942‚ to David W. and Myrtle Scott. He joined siblings Ethel‚ David‚ Robert‚ and Lois. His parents later adopted 3 girls‚ Judy‚ Terry‚ and Darla. He grew up in Bridgeboro‚ New Jersey‚ and attended school there. At 17‚ he joined the Navy and served aboard the USS Forrestal‚ where he became involved in firefighting. On May 29‚ 1970‚ he married his wife‚ Barbara‚ who had two sons from a previous marriage‚ Thomas and Michael. Together‚ Victor and Barbara had four children‚ David‚ Victor Brian‚ Christopher‚ and Carrie.

The family moved to Florida in 1974‚ living first in Orlando‚ then Pinellas Park‚ Seminole‚ and finally settling in Gilchrist County. In 2000‚ Victor and his wife moved to Otter Creek‚ Florida‚ where Victor was involved with the Levy ARC. After moving there‚ he discovered that the town no longer had a fire department‚ and he went about re-organizing the department‚ making it a fully functional volunteer fire department with proper training‚ equipment‚ vehicles‚ etc. Victor became a Certified Firefighter I‚ a first responder‚ was trained in hazardous materials and certified to wear the suit. He became the fire chief of the department and remained in that position until early 2004‚ when he was appointed mayor of the town and stepped down as fire chief to become the assistant fire chief. Two of his sons‚ Victor Brian and Christopher‚ became involved in training to become volunteer firefighters.

After 9/11‚ Victor took a part-time job delivering fire trucks and emergency vehicles all over the country. It also gave him the opportunity to meet other firefighters all over the country.

On March 16‚ 2004‚ after an extremely rigorous training exercise‚ Victor came home early not feeling very well. The next morning‚ he left to retrieve equipment that he had gotten donated to the fire department. After picking up the equipment‚ he stopped at a truck stop and was later found there‚ in the fire department vehicle slumped behind the wheel. He had suffered a heart attack and died. After a particularly moving funeral‚ he was laid to rest in the National Cemetery in Bushnell Florida.

Victor was a larger than life figure to all who knew him. His death was a shock to everyone. He will be forever loved and missed by his wife‚ children‚ grandchildren‚ and friends.

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